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A Podcast About Being Human in the 21st Century

Dec 17, 2020

An 8th generation Vermonter, a farm boy, Harvard graduate, and farm equipment industry professional, George Russell has worked for 24 years for equipment manufacturers. His career has included several global positions and postings.

George’s interest in agricultural technology started on the farm and continues today. With the advent of the Apple II, Radio Shack TRS-80, and the personal computing era, he founded a startup company that sold computers, software, and data management services directly to farmers. That company was later sold to its employees.

Later, as product director for large combine harvesters, he helped Case IH, a leading manufacturer, to become the first company to offer its customers factory-installed yield monitors and GPS receivers – both important tools that formed the foundation for precision farming.

Since 2007, George has been advising farm and construction equipment dealers first as Executive Partner at Currie Management Consultants (, then in 2015 as founder of Machinery Advisors Consortium (MAC), which provides advice and training to help dealers improve their productivity and their customers' productivity (

One of his passions is to see how new technologies are conceived and implemented. George speaks and facilitates panels at many equipment industry meetings, such as Dealership Minds Summit, Precision Farming Summit, and an annual webinar that summarizes dealership consolidation called The Big Dealer Report.

For more information, the Machinery Advisors website offers over 80 articles, such as:
"Are You Ready for the 2nd Machine Age? What is the connection among Nebraska Tractor Tests, Moore’s Law, and the second half of the chess board?"